Attract Insect Feeding Birds

   Southeastern Insectaries is the exclusive producer of an innovative and impressive feeder designed specifically to attract wild birds to your own backyard. Many of the most beautiful birds such as wrens, chicadees, and bluebirds do not feed on seeds but feed only on insects such as mealworms. Feeding mealworms not only attracts beautiful birds but promotes breeding and nesting in nearby boxes or shrubbery.

   The feeder can be set to accomodate all size birds, or used with the magnetically attached plastic sides that allows entrance of small birds while excluding larger birds. This feeder is absolutely unmatched as a feeder for house wrens.

   Feeders come in a variety of colors and each comes equipped with suspension chains designed to minimize feeder spin during windy conditions. The feeder is easy to provision with mealworms and simple to clean up. Also it is well ventilated and rain proof which prevents death to mealworms from overheating or drowning.

   The SEI feeders have been carefully field tested and are asthetically pleasing, durable, convenient to use, and acceptable to most birds.

Feeders are priced at $24.99

Please contact SEI for more information.