Southeastern Insectaries (S.E.I.) specializes in species of nematodes used to control Small Hive Beetles, although species produced by S.E.I. are used to control a wide range of other soil dwelling insect pests. Safe to handle, and are harmless to humans, pets, wildlife, and plants.

They pose no threat to the environment and are exempt from registration and regulation by EPA and FDA.

Beneficial nematodes are an environmentally friendly alternative. Biological pest control can be used to reduce the use of toxic chemical pesticides.

In 2005, the original research on the use of beneficial nematodes against Small Hive Beetles was conducted by Southeastern Insectaries, Inc. and the University of Georgia. 


Tests by Southeastern Insectaries, Inc. determined that Heterorhabditis Indica (H.i.) is highly effective in controlling Small Hive Beetle populations.

Small Hive Beetle Control with Beneficial Nematodes Informational Videos

Beneficial Nematode Hive Application Video

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